About Us

Your Money Saving is a website completely dedicated to saving YOU money with a range of the best tactics, guides and techniques available to different sectors of your life.

We have a range of established authors writing about a range of topics that will all help you save money from their area of expertise.

Ranging from articles about living a cheaper lifestyle to ‘Top Tips For Retirement’, YourMoneySaving is the go to place when it comes to saving on several scales.


Meet The Team

Faye Barker Jabran Matharu Yasmin Matthews
Faye’s love of travel means that she’s always looking out for ways to save money on her next trip. Of course, she will be sharing all her tried and tested tips, -plus any new ones she discovers- with the readers of Your Money Saving.  Described as an “industry expert” by many, Jabran is enjoying the effects that he’s had on some of the Junior members of the team as well as continuing to write in the field of finance. Yasmin recently graduated in Journalism from the University of Leeds and has blogged since an early age. She’s looking forward to broadening her horizons and writing about the topics she loves whilst relating them to the importance of saving money.
Rachel Clarke Omar Brooks Tanya Cooper
Rachel is passionate about keeping fit and healthy, and wants to dispel the idea that eating healthily and going to the gym has to be expensive. She will be bringing you recipes, ideas and food-shopping tips to keep you in shape on a budget. With almost 10 years of experience in the industry, Omar holds a wealth of knowledge about various financial products, continuing to adapt to the latest trends across the market. Tanya has spent most of her career in the US, and is enjoying the UK adjustment! She’s always enjoyed discussing money saving techniques within the hair and makeup industry but is now looking forward to writing about a wider range of topics.