The Modern Issue

We are all living in the digital age and the idea of having to do something over the phone and not online seems almost prehistoric. Let’s be honest, phone calls can be time consuming and dull. However, the rise of getting insurance policies online has caused some problems in recent years and has led to a discussion over whether getting a policy online is really the better option…

Which Way Is Best?

We can apply for everything so quickly online nowadays – and with no one to talk it over with, it’s super easy to mistype answers or just simply enter the wrong thing. Ordinarily, this is not the end of the world.

However, when it comes to getting insurance, typing the wrong information could cause your policy to be void in the event of a claim or could make a massive difference in terms of how much payout you can receive. This is why providing the correct data is so important.


While it may seem like a hassle to have a discussion over the phone, most calls to get a policy are no longer than 15 minutes and it ensures that every last detail is correct (meaning no nasty surprises down the line). Not to mention the helpful voice on the other side of the line who can answer any of your questions or queries whenever they may pop up (and help explain some of the confusing jargon).

Not only that, but it is actually easier for advisors to find you the best deal over the phone as they can tailor the cover to you personally rather than receiving generic cover.

Where Do I Start?

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